Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Water Rescue Lift during a rescue at sea?

MOJE M1 offers a range of cost-effective and safe benefits for rescue at sea. From a medical perspective the horizontal rescue recovery prevents afterdrop and hypothermia. Its unique operational benefits are that due to the barrier free access it can be used to rescue exhausted and unconcious individuals and even is suitable for self-rescue in rough seas. 

How does the Water Rescue Lift operate when in use?

MOJE M1 can be removed from its safety case and deployed quickly. The lightweight MOJE M1 (cf. techn. data) permits a targeted cast of the rescue device. Automatic inflation of the two outer chambers. The casualty has a barrier-free access to the Water Rescue Lift. Once the casualty has entered the centre chamber a manual trigger can activate the inflation mechanism. The casualty can choose to close MOJE M1 which safely engulves the individual, ensuring heat retention, protection against spray and prevention them from being lost in rough waters.

What else is the Water Rescue Lift capable of?

MOJE M1 has the following additional capabilities: 

  • Easy storage on rescue vehicles.
  • Seaworthy in rough seas
  • Protection against hypothermia.

  • Protection against spray.

  • Capable of accommodating two individuals

  • Integrated belt system for crane and air rescues

  • Capable of retrieving equipment and animals (up to 240kg)