MOJE-M1 Water Rescue Lift in action

MOJE Wasserrettungslift - discription

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The Water Rescue Lift is a revolutionary rescue device with which, in a man-overboard situation, emergency assistance can be provided immediately from anywhere along a ship's side or from a wharf.


In an emergency situation a first responder can rescue a concious or unconcious casualty in a matter of minutes regardless of the ships freeboard height. During the rescue the casualty will remain horizontal throughout the rescue. Due to the quick response time the casualties chances of surival are considerably improved. 


The Water Rescue Lift is contained in a water-permeable bag, which in turn is stowed in a watertight and shock-resistant plastic case. It is equipped with three inflatable chambers. The design includes a CO2 cartridge in each chamber. The moment the Water Rescue Lift comes in contact with water the two outer chambers inflate automatically and a flashing light turns on. 

small and lightweight - the MOJE M1
small and lightweight - the MOJE M1











 MOJE-M1 fully deployed


The CO2 cartridge for the centre chamber can only be triggered manually by means of a ripcord which is located on each side of MOJE-M1. 

Barrierfree access to MOJE-M1 allowing an easier rescue.

MOJE-M1 fully deployed and in use

Storms and rough seas do not impede the ability to rescue a casualty thanks to its weight and design it remains calmly in the water with only minimal lateral drift.


To protect against waves and spray, the Water Rescue Lift can be enclosed like a cocoon. MOJE-M1 will not roll-over due to the centre of gravity being in the area in which the casualty will be positioned while the design of the outer chambers provide additional stabilisation.