Ice rescue using MOJE M1

On land, the set-up times for first responders and the fire brigades are added to the travel times required to reach the site of the accident. The same principle applies here: this is time that a person who has fallen through the ice simply doesn't have.


Here, the police would be the better rescuer, as patrol cars can be coordinated much more quickly and can usually reach the scene of an incident sooner than rescue vehicles.


Very often, it is children who have fallen through thin ice, rendering a recovery with heavy equipment impossible. Here it is vital for the rescuers themselves to stay out of harm's way.


With the MOJE M1 and a tether line, the rescuer is sufficiently secured and does not jeopardise his or her own life.


A test carried out in winter conditions attests to the compatibility of the Water Rescue Lift in an ice-rescue situation. The clear emphasis here is on the rescuer's own safety. The Water Rescue Lift securely carries the rescuer to the site of the person who has fallen through the ice.