MOJE Wasserrettungslift in action

MOJE Wasserrettungslift - discription

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The Water Rescue Lift is a revolutionary rescue device with which, in a man-overboard situation, emergency assistance can be provided immediately from anywhere along a ship's side or from a wharf.


This way, no matter what the ship's freeboard height, a first responder can rescue an accident victim in just a few minutes' time, considerably improving the victim's survival chances in the process.


It makes no difference whether the person to be rescued is conscious or unconscious. Rescuing and recovery is always conducted in a horizontal position. With the Water Rescue Lift and an additional recovery device, even a single individual can recover an accident victim from the water.


The Water Rescue Lift is contained in a water-permeable bag, which in turn is stowed in a watertight and shock-resistant plastic case. It is equipped with 3 inflatable chambers. The design includes an appropriately sized CO2 cartridge in each chamber. The two outer chambers inflate automatically the moment the Water Rescue Lift comes into contact with water.

small and lightweight - the MOJE M1
small and lightweight - the MOJE M1











 MOJE M1 - fully deployed

The Water Rescue Lift is a new form of rescue device for distress at sea to permit the fastest, most efficient response possible to prevent drowning.


The CO2 cartridge for the centre chamber can only be triggered manually by means of a ripcord, one of which is located on each side of the Water Rescue Lift. It is equipped with a flashing light that is automatically activated upon contact with water. Only once the victim to be rescued is lying in the MOJE M1 is the "lift" function activated (manual triggering of the centre chamber).

Barrierfree access to the Water-Rescue-Lift

Appearence when fully inflated and the centre chambre is deployed

Storms and rough seas are only a modest impediment to use of the Water Rescue Lift. Due to its low own weight and thanks to its design, it lies calmly in the water, with only minimal lateral drift.


The Water Rescue Lift has an integrated system of belts with ring eyelets. This permits horizontal recovery of the accident victim using a lifting device.

To protect against waves and spray, the Water Rescue Lift can be enclosed like a cocoon. There is no need to fear rollover as the centre of gravity is always in the area of the seat, while the design of the outer chambers provides additional stabilisation of position.